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Termite workers
Termite swarmers

We offer several different options for the detection and treatment of termites at your home or business. 

Liquid Termiticide Application
  • Create a termiticide barrier in soil adjacent to structure

  • Use of EPA approved termiticides

  • Treatment of foundation voids as needed

  • Application of low odor to no odor termiticides

  • Sub-slab application as necessary below walks, patios, etc.

  • Pre-construction treatment for termite prevention

In-ground Termite Baiting Systems
  • Bait stations placed in soil surrounding structure

  • Stations are inspected on a periodic basis

  • Environmentally friendly and less invasive

  • Bait placed in stations once termite activity is discovered

  • Termites carry bait back to their nestmates to destroy the colony

  • Baiting may be combined with liquid applications for maximum effectiveness

Termite damage
Termite Inspections
  • Termite inspections provide information on suspected activity

  • Based on careful visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of the structure

  • Termite inspections from state certified inspectors

  • Inspection and written report for real estate transactions

Termite Monitoring Program
  • In-ground termite monitors provide early detection

  • Monitors are designed to detect termites that are foraging nearby a structure

  • By the use of a cellulose matrix within the monitor foraging termites are likely to find this feeding environment appealing

  • If termites are detected a treatment option can then be applied

  • Even if termites are not discovered you have gained something priceless - peace of mind

Termite Management Programs
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